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Philippians 3:8-12

Sacred Ambition

Sacred Ambition
Paul was ambitious by nature – but his highest ambition was shaped
by grace. Once he was captivated by Christ he counted everything else as
loss. The bad stuff was left on the dung heap – the good stuff was put in the
proper place. There was one priority that ruled over all in Paul’s life – that
was to know Christ intimately. He knew the resurrection power of Jesus and
he strove to know it more. He knew the sufferings of Christ and wanted to
enter into it more. Jesus was his Savior, and while he knew his salvation was
an unmerited gift of grace to him, he wanted that reality to so pervade his
life that close fellowship with the Lord became his highest priority. Because
that was the thing he cherished most of all so he long for ever-deepening
union with Jesus.
Have you been saved by the grace of God? If so you know how
precious a gift that is and you cherish your relationship with your Savior
Jesus. Learn from the apostle and make it your highest ambition to know
Jesus by pursuing intimate communion with Him, make it your highest
priority and your greatest passion.