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Matthew 21:1-17

Seeing the King of Kings
See Jesus, Hear the Children
There were children at the parade for Jesus, and they were
enthusiastically proclaiming His praise right along with the
adults. But how much did they know. For that matter how much
did the masses, and even the Lord’s own disciples, know about
who this man on a donkey really was? Their praises were
appropriate but the full depth of praising Jesus for Who He was
could not be known until His full work was done – in other words
not until they were on the other side of the cross and the grave.
It was only after Jesus had risen that the disciples and many
others could really understand and believe the full Gospel of
Christ. Now they were in a far better position to explain to the
little children that the man Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the
living God – and that by believing in Him they would have
eternal life. Truly believing little children could now worship in
spirit and truth and sing loud Hosannas with gusto like never
before! Are we teaching our children to see, believe and
worship Jesus for who He really is? They are not to just join along
as spectators at a parade, but are to participate in that great
procession that follows Jesus on the path to eternity.