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Acts 16:16-24

Songs of Deliverance

That’s My Song
Whenever Alessio played an “old” hymn on his harmonica at
the Sr. Citizen’s Bible Study someone would often softly say
“that’s my song.” Something in the melody resonated with one
or more of the ladies that attended – the tune would stir an
emotion and conjure up lyrics that spoke to the souls of the
aged saints. We all have songs that move us like that. For
Christians it is the songs of Zion that speak to us most profoundly
and we find ourselves going back to them time and time again,
especially in times of trouble and sorrow. The Psalms are
supreme in this respect but many hymns and choruses speak
deeply to us as well. Praise in song is a gift from God and should
be a regular part of our life of devotion, but we often cherish
spiritual songs most when we are the neediest. God’s ministry of
song to believers under oppression is an ancient tradition that
has never faded among His people. He has spoken to us
glorious truths that bless our souls – we put them to tunes and
sing them back to Him – and we in turn are blessed. What songs
speak to you? Are they “God songs” that remind you of His
presence and love? Do they satisfy your soul in times of need?
Do they help mend your heart when broken? May the Lord
bless you with a lovely repertoire of psalms, hymns and spiritual
songs to serenade you in your time of need. And may our
brothers and sisters under oppression around the world find
great freedom through the ministry of heaven inspired songs in
the very midst of their trials.