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Hebrews 2

The Firstborn Among Many

We apologize that this Morning’s sermon was not recorded.


Behold, I …

I. Eternal Son
A. Only Begotten
B. In the Flesh
C. Perfected Through Suffering
D. Tasting Death
E. Crowned with Glory

II. My Only Savior & Lord
A. Ransomed by His Blood
B. Made His Possession
C. Kept in His Care

III. My Divine Brother
A. Unlikely Sibling
B. Not Ashamed of Me?!
C. My Perfect Role Model

… and the children God has given me.

Heidelberg Catechism Lords’ Day 13

Q. 33 Why is He called God’s only begotten Son, since we also are children of God?

A. Because Christ alone is the eternal, natural Son of God.
We, however, are children of God by adoption, through grace,
for Christ’s sake.

Q. 34 Why do you call Him our Lord?

A. Because He has ransomed us, body and soul,
from all our sins, not with silver or gold but with His precious blood,
and has freed us from all the power of the devil
to make us His own possession.