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Hebrews 13:7

The Joy of Servant Leaders
Making it Work
Elders and Deacons have been given a high calling from God to be servant leaders
in his church. Qualifications are spelled out and sufficient grace is
afforded to men who seek the Lord’s help to lead well. The church is blessed
to have biblical principles for her authority structure and as well as God
ordained offices to make sure the responsibilities of the body of Christ are
carried out. This church is especially blessed to have men who are both
called and willing to serve the Lord and the flock of Christ in a fashion that
reflects the very character of Christ our Great Shepherd. Mutual respect,
encouragement and prayer on the part of our officers and our people will
help make it work to the glory of God and the good of souls. Let’s strive to
make service in our church a great joy for the men called to office and in
return let us maintain an atmosphere in which the people of Covenant can
have great joy in being led by sincere and enthusiastic men of God.