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Philippians 2:1-2

The Joy of Unity

When “If” is “Since”
We must use caution when giving more than one meaning
to a word, but sometimes it is quite appropriate. In our text
the sense of “if” is “since.” Paul is not asking a question, he
is making an assertion. In this case he is affirming the
believer’s salvation and appealing to the grace and love
they have experienced in coming to know Christ. Both are
key ingredients to successful unity in the church, for our
purposes the local expression of the church we Covenant.
There is One Savior, and He is Lord over this church. We are
to operate as one – as Paul puts it “of the same mind.”
And we are to display the grace and love that we have
been shown by God to each other – as Paul puts it
“having the same love.” If we stand firm on our foundation
and imitate Christ in the way we interact with one another
we will be able to move forward in the Kingdom work we
are called to do in an effective way. We may not
entertain any other options – division and discord is of the