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Luke 1:67-79

Who’s Voice

Among the many flashing billboards in New York’s Time Square there is one holiday greeting that stands out. It is provided and paid for by the American Atheists (atheist = synonym for fool): Under a giant Santa it reads “Keep the Merry” and then under a depiction of Jesus “Dump the myth.” Disturbing as it may be that organization is allowed to publically voice its ignorant opinion. But they are only one voice among many that deny or diminish the true meaning of Christmas – from commercial advertisements, the constant barrage of Macy’s inspired Christmas songs to outright attacks on the person of Christ, the world cranks up its Babel sounds. But above it all is and always has been the voice of God, which, to the Spirit-tuned ear speaks the most glorious truths of all – including announcement of the Advent of Christ. God has spoken through angels, prophets, priest and kings – He has spoken directly to his servants and He has spoken to us most profoundly through His Son. God has recorded it all for us in His living Word and through the Bible and the ministry of the Spirit we still hear Him today. Those tuned in to the voice of God as He speaks know the most wonderful truth for faith and life in Jesus Christ the Savior Who was foretold of old, came in due time, lives now as eternal King, and will come again in glory. His first Advent is great cause for rejoicing. For those who refuse to hear and heed the good news of Jesus Christ be warned, Zechariah’s temporary muting is but minor illustration of the results of questioning God’s Word – your rejection puts you in eternal danger. Jesus came to save – the Lord has spoken it! Lord give ears to hear You loud and clear in Times Square and throughout the world.