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Philippians 4:7

The Peace of God

Guarding Mansoul
Borrowing the depiction of man’s being in John Bunyan’s Holy War, I
urge you to guard Mansoul. In the story Mansoul is a town under
assault by spiritual forces—primarily those leveled by Diabolus (the
devil). If you are a believer, your personal Mansoul (Womansoul?) that
was once under siege by the evil one has been captured and
secured by Immanuel (the hero of the story) Himself. But that does not
mean that the attacks of Diabolus, his minions and devices has
ceased. We constantly face temptations via attacks on our hearts
and minds that come at us from many directions.
In our text, Paul directs us to use one of the greatest resources
available to us to acquire the protection we need to face our
adversaries. Prayer is the means of acquiring the protective peace
that only God can provide. Reminiscent of the conclusion of the
apostle’s epic text on spiritual warfare and the urgency to don the
armor of God, we are told to pray: “… praying at all times in the Spirit,
with all prayer and supplication.” Ephesians 6:18
Take up the armor of God, and pray without ceasing, that your hearts
and minds would be perpetually guarded by the peace that passes
all understanding.