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Philippians 4:4-7

The Peacefulness of Prayer

A Place of Peace
I have not yet met a person who enjoys having turmoil in their
soul. Sadly, due to our fall into sin along with our first parents, our
souls are agitated by nature. The greatest aggravation mankind
faces is broken communion with God his Creator. Mankind is in
open rebellion against the very One Who made them! Only
surrender to Him through faith in Christ and the life transforming
power of the Spirit can bring peace to a soul that is actively at
war with God. Believers have repented from defiance and
therefore know that peace the Jesus provides and find deep
satisfaction in it. But life still contains many things that can make
us anxious (you can fill in the blanks I’m sure). Yet God has
reminded us in His Word in many ways and often quite directly
that we must not give ourselves over to worry and fear, but that
we are to trust in Him. Grasping the sovereignty of God and His
intimate care for His children will provide for us a healthy state
of mind. One of the primary ways we are to nurture our
confidence in God’s care is through prayer – open
communication and communion with the living Lord. If you
have cast the burden of your sins on Jesus, you are free to bring
the burdens of life to the throne of grace in prayer. Go to Him
with your cares daily and He will provide peace for you no
matter what the day may bring.