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Philippians 4:10-13

The Secret of Contentment

The Most Basic Need
If you were to put your finger on you most basic need of all, what
would it be? Weed out all your felt needs – that is, those things you
may like to have, but that are not vital to your existence. Consider
your real needs and then prioritize them down to one. What would it
be? And if that one need were perfectly met, would that help you put
all your other real and even your felt needs into a health perspective.
Jesus homes in on our most basic need in many ways – in one place
he narrows it down by way of a question: What will it profit a man if he
gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Mathew16:26. We have
souls that will never die, therefore the preservation of our soul is our
most basic need. First our souls need to be saved – then they are kept.
The only one Who can accomplish that for us is Jesus. So, if we really
want to distill our real need down to its purest essence, we need Jesus.
It may sound somewhat trite, but if we have Jesus our spiritual needs in
this life and the next have been met. We have real material needs as
well. In God’s providence the supply of those needs varies from person
to person and can change dramatically from one day to the next. But
if our most fundamental spiritual need has been met we can remain
content in whatever circumstances life in this world may bring.
Moreover, when we trust in the Lord of our salvation he provides us
with His strength to equip us for “all things” that come our way. Paul
testifies to such great contentment – have you learned the secret?