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Philippians 4:10-13

The Secret of Contentment III

Easy Street or Treacherous Turns
The ultimate contentment in life’s varied and sometimes extremely
complicated circumstances comes from complete trust in the Lord.
When we look at the course of our lives we can often see the Lord’s
hand at work – other times it is not so clear – and in some cases we
are totally confused as to why the Lord allowed this or that to happen
to us. When we forget to trust in the Lord, in good times or bad, we will
not only forget that we are utterly dependent upon Him for strength to
remain faithful to Him – we will begin to forget that He is always faithful
to us and that all things actually work for our good according to His
perfect plan. It may not be this simple, but two simply ingredients to
recognizing our dependence is prayer and increased understanding
of God’s will and ways as expressed in His Word. Neglect those two
things and in time life’s difficulties are sure to put you out of sorts, and
unless you become numb to it, negative circumstances will begin to
agitate you and may even shake you to the core of your being.
Neglect those two things and in the good times and in time you may
well convince yourself that creature comforts are enough satisfaction
for you … and you forget the Lord and become proud. That might
sound dramatic, but the bottom line is that we don’t want to lose sight
of our utter reliance upon the Lord for life and to live our lives devoted
to Him in every circumstance. Our confidence is in Him and resting in
Him will provide true satisfaction for our souls. Jesus exemplified this
perfectly when He walked the earth – most powerfully displayed when
He faced hostility and endure the cross. Paul learned the secret
through times of peace – but most poignantly through great trials and
tribulations. God will give us the grace too; trust Him for strength, rest in
His power and wisdom, commune with Him in prayer, hear Him in His
Word and He will guide you in life’s long learning curve with
contentment as you journey life’s road to glory.