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Isaiah 7:14

The Virgin Shall Conceive

Joseph’s Son?
Questioning the virgin birth of Christ is not a new invention of unbelief. Even though he had done miracles and taught with astonishing authority, unbelieving people in Jesus’ own hometown saw Him simply as Joseph’s son, and concluded that He really was, in the end, no different than the other children Mary bore to her husband. There have been and always will be unbelievers and hard-hearted skeptics that will deny the miraculous incarnation and vital aspects of it like the virgin birth. In the 1900’s it became quite vogue among the leadership of mainline denominations to deny that truth along with many other significant fundamentals of the Christian faith. Yet true Biblical faith is not afraid to confess, in fact vigorously defends, what the Word of God says about the incarnation. Our Creeds, confessions and our personal statement of faith attest to what Scripture teaches: “We believe … in Jesus Christ His only begotten son. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary …” We unabashedly declare the truth God has given us, eschewing the skeptics, and embracing this wonderful mystery that magnifies the glorious work of God in sending our Redeemer.