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Proverbs 1:1-7

The Wise Get Wiser

Wisdom from Above
Some of the most educated, intellectual individuals I know are
among the most foolish of people and often do the dumbest
things that people can do in life. On the other hand, some of
the wisest folks I know have little formal education, would never
claim to be brainiacs, but they are great stewards of their lives
and great examples for the rest of us to follow. The point is that
scholarship and the accumulation of information is not the end
all when it comes to grasping what really matters in life and
living life profitably. If anyone wants to obtain the kind of
knowledge that is most meaningful, that has positive lasting
implications you must: Know God through Jesus Christ – Study
His Word with grace and understanding in your heart – maintain
a humble and teachable spirit = associate regularly with godly,
wise, edifying people – keep your eyes open to the world
around you, making note of your observations and experiences
– and you must apply all that you have gleaned from those
sources to your daily life. Do you want to be someone who
honors God by the way you live life? Do these things with a
prayerful and pliable heart and He will grant you wisdom for life
that surpasses that of Solomon and glorified your Father in