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Hebrews 11:35-40

The World Unworthy

Strangers and Exiles
Hebrews 11 is the author’s catalogue of saints who took “up
their crosses” and followed Christ. They were saved by faith by
believing God and seeing through types and signs that pointed
them to the Messiah that would come. They believed so strongly
in what the Lord had promised them by His Word and His
actions that they were willing to suffer, even die for His name’s
sake. How did they have the courage to persevere in the face
of such harsh treatment by an unbelieving world and
sometimes corrupted leaders of God’s covenant people? They
new that life in this world was brief and that a better place lay
ahead for them that the Lord had prepared for them once their
suffering was over. This was not their home, they were strangers
and aliens in this world. This is true of Christians too, yet we have
actually seen the day of the Lord come, and we know that the
same Lord Jesus who came and died to save us is now seated
at the right hand of glory. This should provide for us even greater
confidence than even our solid Old Covenant forefathers and
mothers had. We don’t see Him either, but we know that He has
come, accomplished our salvation and has secured heaven for
all who believe. This life is but a breath, and if we are privileged
to suffer for Christ in the time we are given, He will give us the
strength to endure. Thankfully most of us will never face real
persecution but remember our many brothers and sisters in the
world who suffer for Christ’s sake every day, some to the
extremes we read about in or text today – they need our
prayers and they need our help.