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Psalm 100:1-8

To the House of the Lord

Preaching to the Choir?
Back in the mid 80’s I used to watch a prominent
Southern Baptist pastor of a large church in Atlanta on a fairly
regular basis. The backdrop of his telecast was a massive choir.
It fascinated me that I never saw one of the singers do the
droopy-eye head-bobbing thing (always good for a laugh).
Granted Charles Stanley was an especially engaging preacher.
I would imagine that they were not looking at the back of his
head the whole time, but at a monitor facing them from the
rear of the church. What I always wanted to see was Dr. Stanley
turn around and literally preach to the choir! Choirs need
preaching too. I realize preaching about corporate worship to
people who are, well, gathered for corporate worship, may
seem like preaching to the choir, but choirs need preaching
too. We need to be reminded that while it is a command for
people to worship God it is a special privilege of the saints of
God in Christ to gather together as a congregation faithfully to
worship Him. But it is to be a duty that is a delight. Do you
rejoice at the prospect of “going to the house of the Lord” with
God’s people? Is it a joyful experience when you participate?
Do you truly participate? May the Lord grant you the blessing of
a God glorifying, soul satisfying corporate worship experience
Sunday after Sunday, and may you come with a well- prepared
soul and a sanctified attitude that is conducive to genuine
Let’s also remember that the communion of saints is
more than just gathering for services on Sundays. It has to do
with our being bound to Christ and the bound to each other
through His graces given by the Holy Spirit. May that truth
sweeten all our gatherings, transforming every occasion into
true fellowship. In addition, let’s take advantage of
opportunities for corporate prayer. There is power in prayer and
there is a special significance when God’s people agree before
His throne of grace in prayers of praise, thanks, confession,
intercession and petition.