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Revelation 7:9-17


Among the Multitudes
We are blessed with a beautiful visionary depiction of paradise
in our passage today. Multitudes of saints from every age and
every place in the world are seen serving and worshipping at
the throne of God. They (their robes) have been washed in the
blood of the Lamb of God and they have been made fit for
heaven. We see the whole number of God’s people
represented here. But notice that all of them have come
through the tribulation. Suffering is always associated with
following Christ. According to Jesus we will face trials of many
kinds. Yet some of God’s people have faced, are facing now,
and many more will face suffering specifically for the name of
Christ – some severely – some unto death. Our text portrays
saints who are done with such suffering and who are enjoying
the bliss of Paradise. While the promise of perfect comfort is for
all who believe in Jesus, one can’t help but think that those who
suffered greatly for the sake of Christ in this world will savor the
solace of Heaven in a super-intensified way in the next! May
God grant our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the
world patience and perseverance as they look to the time
when God “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”