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Psalm 103

We Will Not Forget
Remember Every Day
My goal was to preach a sermon about “connecting to the
past” as per a major component of our Fanning the Flame
endeavor. Reflecting on God’s great faithfulness to the church
universal, Covenant Church and each individual saint that
makes up the body here would certainly be a worthy endeavor.
At some point I suppose I will preach something along those
very lines. But, while I was in pursuit of that topic, I kept getting
hung up in heart and mind on a form of Christian remembrance
that is absolutely vital to the life of faith and assurance – that
being God’s forgiveness of our sins and His gracious
understanding of our ongoing weakness and frailty. If we are in
Christ our regular practice should be to remind ourselves of the
great kindness God has shown us by pardoning all of our
transgressions through the redeeming our Lord Jesus Christ.
Redeemed in Christ, take the time to remind your own self, your
“soul,” of God’s great grace and compassion toward you in the
past, His constant care for you daily and His promise to abide
with you every day as you move ahead in your journey toward