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Ephesians 3:20-21

Why Reform?

Some Timeless Component of Reform
Much could be said about the Protestant Reformation of the church and many
helpful volumes have been written explain the context and details. It is a welldocumented
history shaping event with implication for today of monumental
importance. Whether we are referring to the need for reform in ancient Israel,
the ancient church, the medieval church or the modern church some basic
components apply – here are three vital things we must keep in place. There is
always a return to the basics, that is, the basics of the Bible. That is where we
learn about Who God is and what He expects and requires of His church and the
people in it. We must understand the current context to understand what
contributed to the need for reform. If the truth and practice of those professing
to be Christians has been obscured by the contributions of fallible and
sometimes corrupted church leaders and the people have been astray by them,
we have to come up with a solution that will remedy the problem and redirect
the people’s hearts and mind to the things that remain. Finally a reformation
has to be forward looking. We must make sure that the fundamentals of faith
and life are both made clear to the next generation of believers, preserved for
generations to come in the church, while also being made accessible to those
without faith. There is a lot to true Reformation and to what a “Reformed”
church should do that ranges from high and holy worship to a deep concern and
active care for those destitute not only in soul but in body as well. But if we
don’t stick to the fundamental of Scripture to guide us all along the way we will
derail quickly into an worldly institution might be a good social club that even
does good for others, but that loses sight of the glory of God and the
commission the Lord Jesus gave us. Any true reformation is going to bring God’s
church closer to Him, focused on Christ and His Kingdom and will be filled with
the Holy Spirit. It will be striving to be in conformity with His holy will and that
must be our goal always.