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Philippians 1:27-30

Worthy of the Gospel

A Worthy Witness
Salvation is all of grace through the work of Jesus Christ. We
can’t add to or take away from what the Lord has done to
secure our standing in His Kingdom. But that does not mean that
there are no standards of conduct for Christians. Paul uses a
word that suggests “behavior of a citizen” where most English
versions simply translate it along the lines of “manner of life.”
Citizens of God’s Kingdom are called to a standard of life that is
different than that of the world. Paul describes it as “worthy of
the Gospel of Christ. There are many aspects to godly living, but
in this section the apostle highlights two in his address to the
Philippians. Unity in the body and fearlessness in the face of
opposition. The first reminds us that we serve one God, seek to
advance His kingdom, and that we are to work together “side
by side” to accomplish all that the Lord has called us to do. The
second one reminds us that, though the church is bound to
face opposition from the world, we are not to fear. Amazingly
Paul describes the believer’s suffering as something God grants
to His people – it is an honor to be considered worthy to suffer
for the sake of Christ. These two things are not just “in house”
issues the body of Christ must deal with, they are both means of
testifying to the world around us that we are the Lord’s. The
unified church not only has a vision for the Kingdom and allows
us to get things done well, the very harmony we enjoy it a
witness to the world around us. Division on the other had has the
opposite effect. The fearless suffering of God’s people also
bears witness to the world: it assures us by validating our
salvation, but it also confirms the persecutor’s destruction. But
the way Christians handle opposition in light of that speaks
volumes of grace and displays confidence in the living God to
Whom they belong. Through both God is glorified and by the
witness of both people can be drawn to Christ. May God grant
our church the grace to be witnesses for Him by being one in
Spirit and unified in effort – and by fearlessly standing firm on the
truth no matter what comes to pass.