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Leviticus 16

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Final Atonement
Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year, and when you read Old
Testament texts explaining it you can easily see why. The whole event speaks to
the necessity of reconciled a sinful people to a holy God. This Day of Atonement
served as an annual sign that sins are forgiven by a mediator (priest) – blood
(the beasts) – and would be acceptable in the presence of God (the holy of
holies). Sacred as the High Holy Day was, it was only a shadow of what was to
come. Full atonement could only be made and would indeed be made only by
Jesus the perfect High Priest and the only sacrifice acceptable in the presence of
the Holy God. His atonement for our sin accomplished it all for us and in Him we
have been reconciled to God and bow we have full access to Him as we draw
near to Him day after day. What great comfort the Christian has in knowing we
can stand in the presence of God in Christ and not be consumed by terror and
destroyed by wrath. It is all because of what Jesus has done. What a dreadful
thing it is to live in the presence of Almighty God without the cover of Christ.
Sinner, if you have not trusted in Jesus to take away your sins – would you let
another day go by in the face of His just wrath – do you think you have another
year to toy with the offer of the Gospel? May God grant you the illumination of
the Holy Spirit to see your desperate need, to see the Savior Jesus as your only
hope, and compel you to flee to him for mercy while mercy may still be found.