Welcome to Covenant Church!

Morning Service: 10:15 AM
Morning Sermon Series: 2 Timothy
Evening Service: 5:30 PM
Evening Sermon Series: Exodus

Covenant Church in Holland, MI, through the bond of fellowship and love we share in the Lord Jesus Christ, embraces our dear brothers and sisters at Covenant PCA in Nashville through the communion of saints and the power of prayer. While we may not have regular interaction with the body of Christ there, we carry your burden as our own and mourn with those who are mourning. We pray that the grace of God will abound to the students and faculty of the school, the church, and all the families affected by the horrific tragedy you have experienced. May our merciful God be somehow glorified in the Nashville community in the midst of this indescribably horrific incident. Lord, have mercy. Amen.

We are committed to the historic and evangelical Christian faith as revealed in the Bible and believed by the Church throughout the ages.